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This four-year program included development of Interactive Electronic Directives System (EDS), a customized tool for producing seasonal store layouts created by our team specifically for Macy's virtual merchandising department.
It is equipped with the virtual tour of the prototype store, incorporating numerous informational hotspots and multimedia instructions. EDS featured various access levels providing customized data access by job function: from store manager to merchandising clerk, and also by various store types, to accommodate 900 stores in 45 states.

Click “highlights” to view more of our "Electronic Directives System" examples.

"5 O'clock tea with the Queen"

It’s been said that following Queen Victoria’s coronation, she famously asked for a fresh “cup of tea and the ‘Times.’”
  Ahmad Tea

The Victorian era is known for its tea traditions, and the virtual tour we created for Ahmad Tea will take you back in time to enjoy a cup of tea with the British Queen. Click “tour highlights” to view more.

Dillards 2014 Visual Merchandising
Interactive online training tool for Dillard's visual merchandisers. We created the virtual prototype of the HQ store (Dallas, TX)
with 360-degree panoramic tour and instructional hotspots on the new season setup, key selling points and expected statistics. The tool is used as interactive upgrade to the old-school printed instructional folios. Click “tour highlights” to view more.

coffeemania   Coffeemania
This WOW-tour is one of the most technologically advanced tours in our portfolio, and it is still at the
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core of Coffeemania’s new website. “Click to explore” the coffee shop and its delicious coffee and homemade cakes and pastries.

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  russian rail roads  
Virtual Train Trip
The Trans-Siberian train “Rossiya” has been departing Moscow’s Yaroslavl Station every even-numbered day for the last 40 years,
and to celebrate the anniversary of its first departure, Russian Railways enlisted our team to create a virtual tour of its historic Mainline. “Click to explore” a voyage on the Rossiya!
Take an cool trip to the East via the Trans-Siberian Express, Hop on!

Wine Story Restaurant
The Wine Story restaurant in Moscow is home to one of the most exclusive wine clubs in the city.
Our virtual tour of the Wine Story restaurant showcases the
elegance, individuality and culture of this prominent destination. Click “tour highlights” to view more.

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Client requested to provide an experience of a VR field trip to Telenor HQ, Norway; Support company PR message and marketing outreach effort
via an interactive game, winners of which were awarded real trips to Norway.
The task was to demonstrate modern industry leader working facilities, designed with best HR management practices and employees in mind. This campus has everything one can wish from a workplace, including space for creativity, spa, libraries, learning centers, etc. Ethical standards and great environment empower its employees to achieve new heights.
Benefits: Facilitated public access to Telenor's HQ. Conveyed company message and amplified brand recognition. Increased visitor traffic and time of page visits. Proved to be an effective tool for Telenor HR and its' headhunters. Unique campaign noticed by social and mass media in the target regions. “Click to explore” Telenor’s headquarters!

CEZ: "Saving Energy in your Apartment"

This virtual tour, built for CEZ Group of Czech Republic, educates current and potential
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apartment owners on ways to save energy while living in a modern city apartment. “Click to explore” the impressive apartment layouts and accompanying energy tips.

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IKEA: "Leadership Training Program"
Unique introduction to an IKEA leadership / management program in Russia.
Part of a larger campaign we developed for this furniture leader world-wide.

Goodman Steakhouse
One of the best steakhouses in Moscow, Russia.
Delectable food, charming and uplifting atmosphere.
Good food, good times, good people. Goodman.

  Historic Train Stations of Moscow
Komsomol Square, in the heart of Moscow, is also called “A Square of Three Stations.” These three stations — Kazansky, Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky
— are the starting points for some of the longest train routes in Russia. Click “tour highlights” to view more and learn about the Square and its three stations.

Kid's Playroom
Our virtual playroom for kids features plenty of games and toys to discover. This is an introductory course for young parents on which
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toys to buy for different ages of their children.
(Russian language only) “Click to explore” these educational games for kids.

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  St.Petersburg, Russia
Enjoy the beauty of "Northern Venice" (in Russian only).

This virtual tour of GIEL’s Moscow store showcases a new stage of our technological development — XLM based info-windows, along with seamless video inserts.
Updating interactive store merchandise has never been easier! Click “tour highlights” to view more.

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CEZ: "Saving Energy In Your House"
In a follow-up to their “Saving Energy In Your Apartment” tour, CEZ Group’s “Saving Energy In Your
House” tour includes interactive features that allow visitors to journey through a modern European home and collect tips on how to minimize energy consumption. “Click to explore” these efficient, “green” homes!


  casis  nasa

Well, we have created something incredible again. The first 6K-resolution fly-around and interactive virtual tour of the International Space Station.
  Project #VirtualISS. Development of a first Virtual ISS tour, allowing to study the International Space Station inside-out. Demonstrate its functional components, research capabilities, locations of platforms and racks; allow users to learn about current experiments, hardware and life onboard the station. Virtual ISS targets different audiences: ISS project investigators, researchers, integration partners, educators and general public, with intended placement in the museums, visitor’s centers, schools, trade shows, and other public spaces. Already placed in Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (Cape Canaveral, FL), Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX) and Challenger Learning Center (Framingham, MA).

Nutrilite / Amway
This unique e-learning course provides virtual access to the entire complex of agricultural, lab
  and production facilities, with integrated study activities and section quizzes.

It was developed for sales personnel, to provide them with in-depth information about the company, its high production standards, and competitive benefits. The project was designed as an interactive quest over the entire production cycle: from growing to harvesting and extraction, through testing to tableting and packaging. Video spots and directional sound technologies were utilized to enhance the immersion of the learning process.

  Video Clip: "What is Virtual Planogram?"

Learn about unique features and capabilities of our Virtual Planogram solution, successfully utilized by leading US retailers.
watch the clip   Paper plane pictogram  
  (clip duration: 3 minutes 55 seconds)

  Our WOW Tours team members are tirelessly working to further develop and perfect our unique virtual tour technologies. Some of our currently available features include:

Interactive elements within each panoramic scene

Audio, animation and video effects on "mouse-overs"

Directional soundtracks (The sound fades away as you turn your back to the sound source and becomes louder as you face it)

High-quality zoom (Images do not get blurry when you zoom in; rather, they stay sharp and clear)

Interactive maps with directional indication of your current viewing angle

Browseable tour scenes (Feel free to walk the entire tour as if it were a computer game)

Sophisticated navigation menus, including an intro with registration and feedback options;

Amazing degree of interaction between the project and customers.

* Unlike video tours that force-feed visitors and cause you to loose interaction with your potential customers, the best virtual tours - our WOW Tours keep them engaged.

Our projects show a much higher retention value. The visitors explore your project at their own pace, often spending 30+ minutes on your site and enjoying the process.

Ability to easily update.

Best virtual tour service and interactive
e-learning technology on this planet.


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